After the winter season comes the summer. Before you get and apply your sunscreen and go outside, you might want to make sure that your property is also prepared for the scorching heat of summer. Check out the home prepping guidelines below to keep your home cool without increasing your energy consumption:

Set up a programmable thermostat.

A programmable thermostat is a device that enables you to set control for your desired temperatures automatically for energy efficiency and optimized comfort. When your family is not home, it’s best to keep temperatures higher to save energy consumption,

Change your air filter

The air filter of your HVAC system obtains plenty of use over the summer. During the summer season, it’s recommended to check it every 30 days and replace your air filters if needed.

Do smart landscaping

The perfect time to make use of your green thumb is now. You should plant leafy trees and shrubs strategically close to your property windows. This is the best way to avoid those similar windows to transfer extra hear into your property.

Setup coverings for your exterior window

If you can’t utilize nature to your advantage, one of the best ways to protect your window is to add screen shades or awnings to shade the side of the exterior.

Update the insulation of your home

You have to intently observe your attic and the level among the unconditioned and conditioned areas of your property. Additional insulation could be accumulated above an existing material, however, think about calling an expert to have it removed or installed properly.

Utilize smart door methods

Your mom is definitely right when she shouts about allowing all the cold air out once you open your doors while turning on your AC. Once the AC is running and switched on, each opened window and door leaks out essential energy. Hence, you should prevent unimportant trips in and out of your home and keep it as minimal as you can to maintain having a lower energy bill.

Clean the coils on your fridge

Surprisingly, refrigerators could result in high energy consumption, particularly once they are not efficiently operating. To achieve the greatest performance from your unit, you have to clean up and dust those condensing coils off.

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